Tips for healthy hair

    1. Keep hair moisturised: Just like our bodies, hair needs moisture. Keep it hydrated to prevent breakage and excessive tangling. Spritz your hair lightly and seal in the moisture with an oil based sealant.

  1. Trim when necessary: Pay attention to the health of your hair and trim when needed. The frequency of trims will be dependent on your hair regimen. You may need to trim your hair more regularly if you frequently apply heat and or chemicals to your hair.
  2. Don’t over shampoo: Co-washing is a great alternative to shampoo. Shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair, which necessitates the use of conditioner to re-moisturise your hair. Shampoo can be drying to the hair and it is possible to cleanse hair with conditioner alone and it leaves significantly more moisture in your hair. Try reducing your shampooing frequency to see how beneficial co-washing can be to your hair.
  3. Low manipulation styling: This is really important as the hairline is really fragile and it is really important not to tie hair too tightly in ponytails and pull the hair too tightly when doing braiding styles. Pulling the hair tightly not only pulls hair out, but it might also damage your hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair loss.
  4. Protective styling: Incorporating protective styling into you hair regimen will give your hair a break from the stress of styling and also protect your ends.
  5. Don’t do your hair when you are stressed: Avoid doing your hair when you are angry or anxious as you may end up maltreating it. Go to a good salon and have a stylist do it or just leave it for another day!
  6. Be mindful of the hair accessories you use: Some accessories require excessive pulling of the hair, which can lead to the hair being pulled out at the root. Others snag you hair, which leads to breakage.
  7. Avoid brushes and combs where possible: If you must use a comb, select a plastic wide-toothed comb and comb the hair slowly  from the ends to the roots. Preferably when it is wet and coated in conditioner.
  8. You are what you eat: Eat healthy balanced meals to keep your hair healthy and strong. Don’t skimp on the protein; hair is primarily made of protein. Give it what it needs to grow healthy.

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