Unrefined Organic Shea Butter


Hand Whipped Raw Shea Butter. All natural, handmade, moisturizing butter.

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Inner Beautee’s Hand Whipped Raw Shea Butter is an all natural, handmade, moisturizing butter. This product has been handcrafted with no chemicals, parabens, additives or preservatives. This nourishing product can be used on skin, hair or even as part of your nutritious diet due to its pure and organic substance. Shea Butter contains Vitamins A, E and F. All of these are significantly helpful for damaged skin either by sun or general pollution. Vitamin F is uniquely found in high quantities and this is the primary rejuvenator of the skin.

A key benefit of Shea butter is its ability to penetrate the skin without clogging pores, allowing the skin to breathe, complimented by the non-greasy essential oils. This Shea Butter Jar is recommended for babies, infants and adults alike. Its moisturizing properties are renowned for leaving skin smooth and soft whist improving skin tone.

We are proud to say that product is 100% traceable, extracted, molded and fair-traded from its plantation in Ghana to its packaging in Nigeria.


100% pure, unrefined, raw organic Shea butter.


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