The Perfect Blend Kit


The Perfect Blend Kit contains six eye brushes designed for all of your basic blending needs. The assortment of brushes provide a variety of uses such as working shadow into the crease, buffing out harsh lines and blending colors for a diffused finish. Whether you want to go from subtle to sensational or sharp to smoked-out, this is the perfect kit.

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Brushes Include:

  • E32 – Exact Blend™: Blend intense color onto to the outer corners of the eye.
  • E37 – All Over Blend™: Best for going over your entire lid to blend any harsh lines.
  • E38 – Diffused Crease™: Blend strong color into crease for a diffused effect.
  • E39 – Buff and Blend™: Best for blending of smaller areas for a precise finish.
  • E48 – Pointed Crease™: Use tip of brush to pick up darker shades and apply using a rolling motion for crease control.
  • E71 – Highlight Diffuser™: Best to highlight areas such as the brow bone with shorter side of brush or to soften edges.

E32 6 11/16 in. (16.97cm) E37 – 6 7/8 in. (17.46cm) E38 – 6 15/16 in. (17.62cm) E39 – 6 13/16 in. (17.30cm) E48 – 7 5/16 in. (18.57cm) E71 – 6 7/8 in. (17.46cm)


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