Spot-on Concealer Kit


The Spot-on Concealer Kit contains six brushes for ultimate concealing of blemishes, dark spots and any other imperfections. The various brush sizes, textures and angles were designed to apply the perfect amount of product for maximum coverage anywhere on the face. Buff and blend your way to flawless skin.

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Brushes Included:

F63 – Airbrush Blender™: Delivers an airbrushed application of concealer for a diffused, well-blended finish.
F64 – Soft Blend Concealer™: Best for buffing and evening out concealer applied with a light hand on large areas or all-over finish of the face.
F66 – Angled Buff Concealer™: Gives a soft, light to medium coverage under the eyes and around the nose.
F68 – Pin-Point Concealer™: Best for coverage of small spots that needs extra concealing.
F69 – Angled Pixel Concealer™: Apply concealer in a patting motion for best results on areas such as the sides of the nose.
F71 – Detail Concealer™: Use with a soft, light sweeping motion for a subtle touch of concealer.


F63 – 7 in. (17.78cm) F64 – 7 7/16 in. (18.89cm) F66 – 7 in. (17.78cm) F68 – 6 1/8 in. (15.56cm) F69 – 6 in. (17.15cm) F71 – 6 13/16 in. (17.30cm)


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