Shampoo & Massage Brush Pink


Brushes for massaging thr hair scalp

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This brush is 100% brand new and of high quality with a stylish design and is one of the best gifts for girls.
It is used for deep care massage scalp because of its silicone massage contacts and simple operation.
It has a good massage effect, promotes blood circulation, prevents hair from losing and meets your basic demands and will not hurt your scalp.
It is strong and durable, beautiful and convenient, comfortable for massaging your hair, easy to use, safe and practical, non-toxic, odourless and tasteless, easy to keep clean for a long time use and easy to carry: Portable, compact and lightweight.
It contains no chemical damage and does not harm your hair.
It is a must-have for professional salon hairstyling use and home use because it deep cleans scalp, remove dirt and other small substances that hide into the hair.

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