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Mango butter is known for its high oxidative stability.

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After being extracted from the kernel of the mango fruit, mango butter is then deodorized leaving the end product with a mild to nonexistent odor. In addition to the deodorization step, the color is removed from the mango butter resulting in a whitish colored butter. With a typical melt point ranging from 86-98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, mango butter is a solid at room temperature. The cosmetic and food industries utilize mango butter as an ingredient and recognize the butter’s high oxidative stability. The unique properties of mango butter, coupled with the butter’s high level of non-saponifiables, make it a highly effective emollient. Many cosmetic applications that utilize mango butter target dry, damaged and aging skin.

Mangifera indica

Mango butter may contain Citric Acid (non-gmo)

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