Lock Gro 16oz


  • Stimulates Root Growth
  • Prevents Itchy & Dry Scalp
  • Strengthens Locks
  • Prevents Breakage

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Designed for use as a daily scalp treatment, Jamaican Mango and Lime Lock Gro will eliminate dry scalp and prevent hair breakage. Use with Jamaican Mango and Lime No More Itch Gro Spray to prevent an itchy and scalp condition.

How to use:

After shampooing with Rasta Tingle Shampoo and Protein Conditioner: Apply a generous amount of Rasta Lock Gro to twist and locks, Massage. Repeat Daily.


Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Camphor, Menthol, Castor Oil (Ricunus Communis Seed Oil), D&C Green #6 (CI61565), D&C Yellow #11 (CI47000).


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