Eye Shadow Base Kit Flare


A set of three blendable eye shadow bases in Provoke – Matte Nude-Peach;
Pursue – Shimmery Purple; Spy – Duo-Chrome Green-Maroon and one F70 brush for a seamless application.

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The Sigma Beauty Flare Eye Shadow Base Kit contains a set of three eye shadow bases and one brush for a seamless application. The eye shadow bases are paraben-free and made with a blendable, smooth formula to achieve a pigmented and long-wearing effect. This set contains bold, vibrant hues to instantly brighten and add contrast to the eyes. Each eye shadow base features an exclusive anti-drying protectant lid. Includes the F70 brush for an effortless and smooth application.

Provoke – Matte Nude-Peach
Pursue – Shimmery Purple
Spy – Duo-Chrome Green-Maroon


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