How To Order

  1. Got to the website by typing in your internet browser.
  2. Search for the item(s) you require. There are 2 ways to search.
    1. menu
    2. search box
  3. The pictures of the items will be displayed along with the price.
  4. Click on the item(s) or click on the buy below the item(S).
  5. Add the item(S) to cart.
  6. Click proceed to checkout
    1. using sidebar
    2. using menu bar
  7. Provide the requested information in the spaces provided.
    1. Name

    2. Phone number

    3. E-mail address

    4. Home or office address

    5. Town

    6. Country

  8. Click on mode of payment.
  9. Click on send
  10. A message or call would be placed to you from to confirm your order and also account details would be sent.

  11. After confirming your payment delivery will be made in few days.