Can You Beat Addiction? These People Did Be Encouraged By Their Stories Of Success At Progress Valley Mn Drug Rehabilitation Program

The only thing to do was not to drink or drug no matter what. I was brought up to believe that it was my own efforts in life that would bring results, that I was not powerless. I did the AA steps again a few years back.

  • Now one of my favorites is returning for Renewal Day the 3rd Friday of the month.
  • I was a ‘highly strung’ child with phobias and was therefore a soft target for classroom bullies.
  • Then I heard ofDr Gerhard Kirsten and his implant.
  • That is why Don T is a role model for anyone in recovery.
  • At the age of 58 at the end of all together I manage to stay away from drugs.
  • We talked about our discontent with our marriages, among other things.

I was introduced to the 12 steps of recovery when I went to treatment at The Ranch at Dove Tree in Lubbock, Texas. My mother drank socially and later became an alcoholic after my sister and I left home. I suppose she adopted a “If ya can’t beat ‘em, so join ‘em” mentality. I guess you could say I caught it from my father and was born with it…it laid dormant until that first buzz. Now, instead of being unsure and fearful, I walk forward one step and one day at a time with hope and confidence. The day I discharged from treatment, I hung my patient cup in the lecture hall.

She was eventually hired as a janitor at the treatment center where she first cleaned herself up. A common thread woven throughout many success stories of addiction recovery is the role of other people in inspiring sobriety. Prior to getting sober, I was kind of just lost. I didn’t really know what my purpose was.

I rediscovered who I am and knew that I never want to go back to the person I became while abusing alcohol. I would recommend this to any one with an addiction. It saved me and my relationship with everyone I love. I’ve been struggling with addiction for the past 13 years. I have been in and out of rehabs, tried every drug to come clean, seen psychiatrists, therapists etc. and found nothing worked for a long period of time. I got to a point in my life where I decided I can’t carry on the way I was.

When I did stop drinking, I would go through terrible alcohol withdrawal. I was angry, irritable, and anxious and that led me back to drinking. The hardest part of 2012 was when a good friend of mine passed away at the age of 26 from heart failure. I went to his grandmother’s house afterward and hugged his mom as everyone cried around me. I remember my dad drinking almost every day. When he would get drunk, my siblings and I would watch him verbally abuse my mom.

Three Twelve Step Success Stories

I swore I would never drink and go to work. I knew that if I did, that would mean I had a problem. That bottle of merlot was all Kerry Cohen could think about as she got through her day. She did all she had to do but always with this reward on top of her mind. It took her until she was forty to realize this was neither normal nor healthy. She was a self-identified functional alcoholic. If you’ve wondered what it would be like to live your life sober, this book is for you.

But while initial treatment can be effective, ongoing support is often critical. I have a sponsor; I text him every morning and every night. I go to meetings regularly and I write step work.

And once it takes a grip, chaos and desperation inevitably follow. Family and friends find their lives torn apart, as they struggle to watch their loved ones disappear and even die. Often, rehab isn’t affordable — even if you could persuade the addict to enter treatment — and good luck with that on your own.

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These things are crucial for recovery as well as family support. I also put a cross on my cup because it represents my spirituality. I created a second cup while attending the Valley Hope intensive outpatient program . My IOP cup represents where I was at that time, with the phrase “All you need is Love.” To me that means self-love as well as genuine love for others. Running has been critical in my recovery. Like I previously mentioned, I’ve been sober since November 2008 and it wasn’t until 2013 that I found running. Although I know deep down inside I will never use or drink again, I still had a void in my life that needed to be filled.

  • John claims he is fortunate to be still alive.
  • I was in desperate need of a change in my life.
  • I no longer drift by day by day trying to find drugs.
  • Knowing I needed some helpful guidance to be able to hang on any longer, I began a desperate online search for 12 Step alternatives.
  • Celebrities are humans, just like us, and despite their fame, money and cool occupation, many celebrities have gone on to suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Eventually, she finds sobriety through a commitment to God and humanity to spend the rest of her life doing anything she can to help anybody suffering from alcoholism. Her timeless tale is a powerful one, and definitely one that needs to be read by all. We’re a drug & alcohol treatment facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our blog provides news, information, and motivation to help individuals start or continue on their recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction. Seven years later, both twins were looking healthy and happy. “We’re living two separate lives,” Sonia announced.

Thank you very much for helping me through this decision I made for a better life and future so that I can make a success of myself and my future. Without your support and help as well as the support of family and friends I would still be pathetic old Tiny who everyone looks down on.

Aaron C

I was called into the counselor’s office and I lied to them about the drinking. I said that she was a liar, and they believed me. Both of my parents worked, but we still had money problems due to my dad’s drug and alcohol abuse. In 1995, we moved up to Washington state to start a new life. This was supposed to be the new beginning that we all needed. My dad vowed to stop using, but like all alcoholics, he didn’t. From the age of five until I was 12, I didn’t understand how a drink could change my dad so drastically.

sober success stories

I really like the idea of the donate button. Each week I donate cups of coffee to groups members so when they come it feels like what you would find at an outside NA or AA meeting.

Success Stories

This one-of-a-kind community was created for people living a sober life. With straight-up information about addiction and recovery, The Fix is a great resource for facts and support.

sober success stories

Saying all that I definitely can see the benefits from its material. Anything that helps one be at peace with himself is a good group to be a part of, especially in a hostile environment as jail could be without the proper means to a degree. Feel free to post my name and contact info. For anyone who would like to correspond and assist with furthering our cause. If the guy who is composing your annual fundraising needs more background on me I am more than willing to share my story.

As I walked up in front of my fellow alumni, all my fears about being myself lifted. I felt in my heart that they were on my side. I had met my new family, I was walking up a hill and out of a cave into the light of a brand new dawn. As I placed my cup on the wall, with my extended family watching I never felt such a sense of accomplishment, connection and gratitude. About a week before I was discharged from treatment, I picked up a blank Valley Hope cup from the front desk. I noticed some fellow patients working hard on their cups, using all sorts of different colors and designs, building relationships.

Personal Alcohol And Drug Recovery Stories

Recounting the progression from an idyllic childhood to a monstrous meth addiction, Amy Dresner explores her recovery journey in this insightful memoir. Kelly grew up in Royersford, Pennsylvania, a small town in Philadelphia’s suburbs – a self-proclaimed “party girl,” a “social butterfly” to others, and with, as the song says, a lust for life.

Then at 26, I decided enough was enough and I got married. Fearing my own recklessness and lack of control, I clung sober success stories to the idea that settling down would slow my drinking and having a partner would ease my emotional turmoil.

  • I didn’t even know how far an 8k was at the time!
  • From the mid-1970s up to 1990, John continued to take drugs.
  • At that time, I conceded that I was a drug addict, but I couldn’t accept that I was an alcoholic.
  • I had a brief extramarital affair that lasted a couple of days while I was on vacation in 2003.
  • Ive had a very very rough life I’ve been to many rehabs and even to prison for 2years.

They focused their competitiveness on obsessive weight loss. Eventually, they were “so stricken with fear that the other will burn more calories that they never let each other out of their sight.” Cornerstone was the only place that made a difference. It is unlike any other program, and whether you are looking to take preventative measures for your teen or feel like you’re at the end of the road in young adulthood — Cornerstone is the answer. If you are at that same point I was a few months ago, I really do believe this is the right way to go. This has truly given me the helping hand I was looking for and it seems to be getting easier as time goes on.

More Sober Living Success Stories To Come

“Early on, I was staying sober because of my father. I started volunteering at an addiction treatment facility. “It was primarily my self-centeredness, my ego. I mean selfishness, resentments, fear, the things that engulf people with drinking problems. The steps are designed to look at that from a different point of view.

I knew I needed to focus on recovery and not make any other major decisions.

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